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"Boots on Ground"
Ready To Tackle Issues Head On..

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Advocacy with Purpose: A Lifetime of Making a Difference

From my earliest memories, the values instilled in me have been the guiding force in my life. I grew up understanding that nothing is impossible or unattainable if one is willing to put in the effort. I have never had a dream or goal laughed at or told I dream too big nor has a loved one ever told me I am not capable of something instead, everything was and is possible. This belief has been the bedrock of my approach to advocacy and public service.

More than just a belief in hard work, I was taught the importance of proactive engagement. The lesson was clear: if you see something that needs change, don’t just complain or wait for others to take action. Be the change. This ethos has driven me to make a difference in every aspect of my life, and it is this ethos that I bring to my role as an advocate and leader.

My commitment extends beyond mere words. I was taught to care deeply for my fellow humans, plants, wildlife, and all the natural wonders of our Earth. Protecting humanity and our planet, helping others heal, prosper, and elevate – these are not just responsibilities, but passions that have shaped who I am.

With over 30 years of advocacy work under my belt, I’ve engaged in numerous causes, addressing issues that are vital at district, state, national, and even global levels. These are not distant or abstract issues; they are concerns that affect me, my family, your family – issues that demand immediate action.

Today, I stand ready to support and be a resounding voice for my District. My journey has been long, but the mission remains unchanged: to tackle issues head-on, to be a relentless force for good, and to ensure that our collective future is bright, sustainable, and inclusive. I am here now, not just to speak, but to act. To work tirelessly for the betterment of our community and to uphold the values that have guided me since childhood.

Together, let’s create a future where progress and
compassion go hand in hand.
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