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"It's A New Dawn, A New Day, A New Life (and now an exciting challenge) in District 126 and I'm Feeling Good!"

Hello, I’m Sarah Kaydence Smith, and I’m running for Texas Representative- District 126. As a trailblazer by nature and now by title, I am committed to forging a path toward a brighter future for our district. My life’s journey has been one of shaping, molding, and relentless dedication – much like a blacksmith shapes metal, I aim to shape policy and progress for our community.

Throughout my life, I’ve been a trailblazer in various capacities. As an Army spouse of many years, I have pioneered support systems and community networks that were not just supportive but transformative for military families and service members. I was an Army Family Team Building Master Trainer of many years, Army Family Action Plan Coordinator, Family Readiness Group Leader, on several Commander Boards and played various other roles with training, readying, advocating and educating our service members, military families and Veterans which I have received awards and recognition for but no recognition was needed as I owe them all for their sacrifices made and still being made today. This role required creativity, resilience, and an ability to navigate uncharted territories – skills I plan to bring to my role as your representative.

This past July in Manila, Philippines, I took my environmental passion into pageantry and competed against over 40 ladies from other countries and won the title Elite Mrs. Earth which is among the top 3 International pageants in the world. I became the 1st from USA to win the title as well as the 1st woman of color to win the title, guess you could say I raise the bar for myself often and I see my only competition as myself so I always remain focused on my goals, community and mission. During my time as Elite Mrs. Earth, I m active in advocating for environmental and humanitarian issues on an international stage. Leading discussions and inspiring change in these areas require not just knowledge, but also the vision and courage to push boundaries and challenge the status quo. I am involved locally and statewide in various environmental organizations and currently working on increasing tree capacity in some of our District and other parts of Houston where tree scarcity exist. Stay tuned for more posts on why trees are needed as well as my other initiatives.

As a cancer survivor and someone who has overcome being a victim of crime, I’ve had to forge my own path through adversity, reshaping my life with each challenge. These experiences have instilled in me a deep empathy and a unique perspective on the struggles many face. Issues such as gun safety, gun reform and healthcare are important to me due to my own experiences as well as advocating for those in our District.

The essence of my surname, Smith, reflects someone who shapes and forms through a process. In the same way a blacksmith transforms raw material into something strong and purposeful, I aim to shape our district’s future. This means listening to your concerns, understanding the diverse needs of our community, and then hammering out solutions that are inclusive, innovative, and impactful.

As your representative, I will be a trailblazer for District 126, focusing on:

1. Community Engagement: Just as a blacksmith forges metal through fire and force, I will actively engage with every segment of our community, ensuring that every voice is heard and acted upon. This includes forging relationships with law enforcement and communities so both have great relationships. My daughter is in law enforcement and other than also coming from a family in politics, healthcare, military, etc. law enforcement and civil service are also careers of loved ones. I want to ensure law enforcement and others have the tools needed to protect themselves and our communities and also ensure communities feel safe and protected knowing those who serve them are upholding laws and can be trusted. Society and issues have driven a divide in trust and it will not be rebuilt overnight but I believe engagement is key. Also, community engagement to empower our seniors, youth, special needs communities, etc.

2. Environmental Advocacy: Leveraging my experience as Elite Mrs. Earth, I will champion policies for clean energy and environmental justice, shaping a sustainable future for our district. Our District the beautiful Kickerillo -Mischer Preserve as well as other beautiful parks, nature areas, etc. we need to protect and keep clean for our residents and keep safe for the plants and wildlife who call those areas in our District home.

3. Inclusive Leadership: My ability to connect with people from all walks of life and backgrounds will drive a leadership style that is inclusive, empathetic, and effective. We all vary in aspects of party affiliation, opinions, backgrounds, etc. but we have a common goal, good for all so I am hoping to bridge the District in areas divided and get tough issues addressed cohesively. A leader in office for a District represents the entire District which is important to me so I will have a very inclusive approach in my campaign and thereafter which is my natural daily life actually.

4. Health and Safety: As a cancer survivor as well as a victim of crime in the past, I understand the importance of accessible healthcare and safety. I will work tirelessly to ensure that these are not just priorities, but realities for our community.

5. Union Support and Advocacy: In our District we have Unions and residents who are members of Unions and it is important to not only take these issues to Legislature but to be on ground with Unions and Union Workers. If they strike, I will be with Union brothers and sisters in line walking beside them. When they are being seen and heard on matters, I need to help amplify their voices with my voices and that means in person, in Legislature, letters to Elected Officials, social media and other outlets.

6. Reproductive Rights and Reason.

7. Veterans Access to Programs and Resources. Another passionate area of mine. I lost loved ones in 2007 in Ramadi, Iraq. A book was written about them called "They Fought for One Another" I could not be there to save them so with honor, I vowed to fight for our Veterans who need advocates and support and for the organizations who support them. In past I was part of AFAP (Army Family Action Plan) on state and national levels and assisted in presenting issues which new policies and Bills were created for betterment of service members and veterans and their dependents.

8. Immigration Issues. Our District has many immigrants and with new Bills and Laws being passed or on the table, these working families may not receive clarification of how it affects their loved ones, they may lack voter education or candidate forums in their areas, language barriers may cause issues in them missing communication on resources, events, etc. in the District which they should be present at. Inclusion is key and a start.

9. Our Youth, Our Future, Education and Our Educators. We need to ensure they have our voice and support. We also need to keep funding in Public Schools!

10. Humor and Healing: Through the light-heated insights of ‘Sassy Sienna’ on my blog, I will ensure that even as we tackle tough issues, we remember the healing power of laughter and positivity. Sassy Sienna has no planned schedule or rhyme or reason in the blog and will pop in when she chooses :) to offer laughter in her often sarcastic way and will be invading my FB and IG at times as well. Outside of business I am a fun and motivating person.

Many know me by my nickname "Inspired Journey" as any journey in life I embark on, even if one such as cancer which is unpleasant, I find an opportunity to inspire others as well as myself. I invite you to join me on this journey I have begun and will officially announce soon.

I come with degrees but none in Law nor am I an attorney, however I have helped with policies. I am beginning my campaign early with the best mentors by my side but no large seasoned team from previously. In me you will discover that I am a fresh and unique approach to campaigning and being a candidate in the aspect I will be focused on the District's needs and issues drowning out any outside noise so I can hear everyone in the District clearly. I am someone who connects with people and interect and I am boots on ground.

You are my neighbors, the businesses I support, youth, seniors, civil servants, leaders, educators, etc I fully support and together we can make a difference. By using our voices, we all amplify and change can be made so let's get ready to "Make Some Noise"! Let's take to Austin what matters to District 126!

I am not just a candidate for District 126; I am your partner in forging a path to a better tomorrow. Join me on this journey – together, we can shape a future that is as strong and enduring as the finest work of a skilled blacksmith.

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