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Boots on Ground


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Actively Engaging, Effectively Serving





As a fervent Democratic candidate for Texas Representative in District 126, Sarah Smith's mission resonates with the powerful pledge “Boots on Ground: Actively Engaging, Effectively Serving.” This embodies her dedication and practice to a hands-on approach in leadership, ensuring direct involvement in the lives and issues of our community.


Sarah Smith is a committed advocate for several causes and organizations. For most of her life she has been involved in advocacy, grassroots movements, has been a speaker on both national and global stages, and always seeking to plant seeds and make an impact and changes in the world. She has become rooted deeply within the community of District 126, her  journey is aligned with the needs and aspirations of its people. She has served as Senate District 7 Precinct 668 Precinct Chair for 3 terms and as Presiding Election Judge.


Sarah's commitment extends beyond traditional legislative roles, focusing on an active presence amidst our community. This means being on the frontline, addressing crucial issues like affordable healthcare, public education challenges, mental health support, veteran affairs, gun safety, and women’s rights – issues that not only impact her constituents but also touch her family and friends and her personally.


As a cancer survivor, Sarah knows survivor guilt in a sad way. She is blessed with excellent health insurance coverage however has watched many in her support groups and her chemo/radiation friends have to discontinue treatment due to not being able to afford healthcare and now they are among her heroes and angels. Her village includes elders she calls "diamonds" and elders are living much longer and requiring more coverage as they age. Understanding the critical nature of affordable healthcare, she is dedicated to advocating for accessible and quality health services for all.


Recognizing the foundational role of public education, she aims to address its challenges head-on, ensuring every child has access to exceptional learning opportunities and that funds remain in the public schools.Mental health, often sidelined, will be a priority, as she works towards destigmatizing and providing robust support systems. As a staunch supporter of our veterans, Sarah is committed to ensuring they receive the respect, care, and opportunities they deserve. Sarah has a deep connection to Veterans and was Army Family Team Building Master Trainer for over 13 years and has received numersous awards and recognition from installations around the world.


Gun safety is not just a policy issue but a moral imperative to protect our children and communities. Women’s rights, including the right to make informed decisions about their bodies and lives, will be unwaveringly defended under her watch.


Active Engagement:

A Commitment Beyond Words Sarah's mission is to be a dynamic participant in the lives of District 126’s residents. This means actively listening, understanding, and addressing the concerns of our diverse community.She pledges to stand firmly with my constituents on these pressing issues, ensuring that our district is not just heard but effectively represented.


Building a Safe, Equitable, and Prosperous Community Safety and security for every resident are paramount, and she is dedicated to creating a community where peace and well-being are the norms. Her vision is to establish District 126 as a bastion of resilience and prosperity, where challenges are met with innovative solutions and unwavering courage. She will ensure that issues addressed by ALL within the District are not only heard but has action taken on them. The District is a WHOLE and will be heard as such and no issue regarded for non bias, etc. Sarah will aim to bridge any current divisions and create District unity and encourage strong bonds.

Equity is the cornerstone of Sarah's mission. She is committed to removing barriers and fostering opportunities for all, ensuring that every voice in District 126 is not only heard but amplified and valued.


Realizing a Vision of Inclusivity and Progress

Sarah envisions District 126 as a beacon of hope and progress, a place where diversity is our strength, and every individual’s potential is fully realized. Her commitment is to transform these aspirations into tangible actions, making our district a model of inclusive and forward-thinking living.


With Boots on the Ground: A Promise of Persistent Advocacy

“Boots on Ground:


Actively Engaging, Effectively Serving” is more than a slogan; it is Sarah's personal vow to be a relentless advocate and a visible, active presence in our district. Together, we will navigate the challenges and seize the opportunities to build a stronger, more inclusive, and prosperous District 126 for everyone, now and for future generations.


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