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Education is the cornerstone of a thriving society. It empowers individuals, fuels economies, and uplifts communities. Recognizing this, our campaign is deeply committed to ensuring that public funding for education is used effectively in public schools, where it can make the most significant impact.


Public schools are more than just educational institutions; they are community hubs that serve all children, regardless of their background. They foster diversity, inclusivity, and equal opportunities for all students. Keeping public funding within public schools is crucial to maintain and enhance the quality of education that every child deserves. Improving Wages for Educators and School Workers Educators and school workers are the backbone of our educational system. They deserve fair compensation for their invaluable contribution to shaping future generations.


Our campaign advocates for:

• Increasing wages for teachers, reflecting their critical role in society.

• Ensuring competitive salaries for all school personnel, including bus drivers, janitors, cooks, and assistants, acknowledging their essential support roles.

• Providing professional development opportunities to help educators and staff stay abreast of the latest teaching methods and technologies.


To address these issues, we propose the following legislative initiatives:

1. The Public Education Funding Act: This act will mandate that a substantial portion of public funds allocated to education goes directly to public schools, ensuring that these funds are not diverted to private institutions.

2. The Educators and School Workers’ Fair Wages Bill: This bill aims to establish minimum wage standards for educators and all school workers in public schools, ensuring that their compensation is commensurate with their experience, education, and the critical nature of their work.

3. The Education Infrastructure Modernization Grant: This grant program will provide funds to public schools for infrastructural improvements, ensuring that our schools are safe, modern, and conducive to learning.

4. The Teacher Professional Development Initiative: This initiative will allocate funds and resources for the continuous professional development of educators, keeping them updated with the latest educational strategies and technologies.

5. The School Support Staff Recognition Program: This program will acknowledge and reward the invaluable contributions of non-teaching staff in schools, ensuring they receive the respect and compensation they deserve. Join us in this crucial mission to uplift our education system.


Together, we can ensure that our public schools are well-funded, our educators and school workers are fairly compensated, and our children are provided with the quality education they deserve. Let’s invest in our future, one student at a time.

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