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Voting Rights

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Throughout history, and on great display at the turn of the decade, Texas has proven itself as a regressive home for voter access. Federal action is needed to protect voters, ensure access, and restore rights. From expanded vote-by-mail to online voter registration, I will continue to push for fair voting legislation that would bring Texas, and other states with outdated and harmful voting laws, into the 21st century.


The Importance of Voting as a Fundamental Freedom and Right Voting is not just a civic duty; it is a fundamental right and a cornerstone of freedom. I believe that  In a democratic society, the act of casting a ballot is more than just a personal choice—it is an exercise of freedom, a declaration of participation in the shaping of our communities and nations. The freedom to vote ensures that the government reflects the will of its people, safeguarding the principles of equality, liberty, and justice. Sadly, in some parts of the world in 2024, this fundamental right remains elusive. In certain countries, expressing one’s voice and opinion can lead to dire consequences. The act of voting, which many take for granted, can be a perilous endeavor where individuals risk harassment, persecution, or even death. These stark realities remind us not to take our own voting rights for granted but to cherish and exercise them.


Off-year elections often see a decline in voter turnout, yet they are crucial for local governance and policy-making. To keep constituents engaged during these periods, several strategies can be employed:


1. Educational Campaigns: Informing the public about the significance of off-year elections and how local policies directly impact their daily lives.

2. Community Involvement: Encouraging local organizations and leaders to actively promote elections and foster a culture of civic participation. 3.

Accessibility and Convenience: Making voting more accessible through extended voting hours, mail-in ballots, and online voting options.

4. Engaging Youth: Involving young people in the political process early through educational programs and internships.



Part of my Election Staff family of several years and we continue to grow each Election. We are a tight knit group and one of Harris County's BEST Election teams (YES, I said that :) Just like those in my District, we are from different backgrounds, different parties, different opinions yet for common goals we are harmonious. This is my goal for the District. Everyone COUNTS! Every voice COUNTS! Every issue COUNTS! Every vote COUNTS!

This is one of many favorite Election photos but the individuals are not necessarily my supporters.


For over 17 years I have been an Election Presiding Judge and it is an honor. My staff returns year after year and in spite of party differences, etc. we call one another family. We have one common goal...protect ALL voters, ensure the voting process is fair and undisturbed, create excellent customer service at our poll location, etc. I encourage everyone to experience being election staff at some point in their life. The Value of Serving as an Election Official Serving as an election official is a unique and valuable experience that offers insights into the democratic process. It is a role that provides:

1. Understanding of Electoral Systems: Gaining firsthand knowledge of how elections are conducted, the challenges faced, and the mechanisms that ensure fairness and accuracy.

2. Community Service: Contributing to the community by playing a vital role in the democratic process, ensuring that every vote is counted and the election is conducted efficiently and fairly.

3. Empowerment: Empowering oneself with knowledge and experience, which can be used to educate others and encourage active participation in democracy.


Voting is not just a right; it’s a pillar of a free society. By participating in elections, engaging in off-year voting, and understanding the electoral process through roles like election officials, individuals can contribute significantly to the strength and health of their democracies.

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