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I firmly believe in the importance of fortifying our borders while upholding our nation’s core values. Our approach to security and immigration can — and should — coexist with our commitment to offering opportunities to those who wish to contribute to our society legally. District 126 is home to rich diversity and has benefited greatly from the contributions of immigrants who call Houston home.

We are a nation built on the foundation of immigration, and it’s time to enact comprehensive immigration reforms that mirror our principles and bolster our national security. In my role, I am dedicated to ensuring our border security is efficient, humane, and reflective of our values. This includes supporting the development of advanced border security technology and ensuring adequate staffing at ports of entry.


It’s imperative that our border enforcement strategies respect human dignity, especially in protecting children from separation and unnecessary detention. My mission extends to advocating for a clear pathway to citizenship for immigrants who abide by our laws, contribute to our society, and wish to step out of the shadows. This reform is crucial in reinforcing the fabric of our communities.


Additionally, I am committed to securing permanent legislative protection for Dreamers, who are as American in spirit as anyone born here, having grown up and contributed significantly to the country they call home. In State Legislature, my objectives are clear:


1. Champion the investment in effective border security technologies and ensure sufficient staffing at entry points. 2. Guarantee that border enforcement is conducted humanely, aligning with our national ethos, and that the inhumane practice of separating children from their families is never repeated.

3. Push for comprehensive immigration reform that includes a just pathway to citizenship for law-abiding immigrants.

4. Work towards legislation that offers permanent protection to Dreamers.

5. Strive to ensure that efforts to secure Texas’ borders do not negatively impact historically marginalized communities or our cherished natural resources and landscapes, particularly in South Texas.

6. Ensuring legal immigrants are protected and not subjected to misidentification to be charged criminally. Also, to build cohesiveness and trust with law enforcement and have training how to respond if mistakeningly misidentified.

I firmly believe in creating a real pathway to citizenship, protecting DACA and fighting for DREAMers. We have bore witness to the atrocities being committed against migrants by our government and enough is enough!


It is time we treat immigrants as people and recognize the grave dangers they are fleeing and their earnest desire to create a productive life in America!


We are a nation of immigrants and that will not change but it is time our laws do!

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