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Our District

Home to over Houstonians, Texas' 126 th District is a vibrant community in the heart of Tomball, Spring and Houston, Texas.

State Legislative District 126 in Harris County, Texas, is a microcosm of the state’s diverse and dynamic nature. This district’s demographic landscape is richly varied, encompassing a wide range of cultures, ethnicities, and backgrounds, all contributing to its unique character.


The district’s economy is robust, characterized by a substantial working community engaged in various sectors. The presence of thriving businesses, from small enterprises to large corporations, underscores the economic vitality of the area. Notably, the district is home to significant medical facilities, which are not only centers of healthcare excellence but also key contributors to the local economy.


As an advocate for fair wages, fair working conditions, and strong unions, I recognize the immense value that organized labor brings to District 126. The families in our community are greatly served by their membership in various unions, ensuring that their rights are protected and voices heard in the workplace. Addressing the needs and concerns of our district, several critical issues stand out.


Affordable healthcare remains a top priority. With a diverse population and notable medical institutions, ensuring accessible, quality healthcare for all residents is crucial. This is especially important in a district where healthcare is a significant part of the economy and community. Another pressing concern is the funding of public education. The district boasts a number of public schools that require consistent support to maintain and improve their high educational standards. Keeping public funding within these schools is essential for equipping students with necessary resources and retaining qualified educators. The state of the electric grid and overall infrastructure is also a paramount issue. In light of past challenges, there is an urgent need for transparent policies and improved oversight to ensure reliable and safe infrastructure for all residents. This encompasses not only the electric grid but also other critical aspects like roads, bridges, and public utilities. Veterans’ issues and women’s rights are equally important in our district. Supporting our veterans with adequate resources, recognition, and opportunities is a matter of honor and respect. Similarly, advocating for women’s rights, including access to healthcare, equal opportunities in the workplace, and protection against discrimination, is essential for a just and equitable society.


District 126 is a diverse, economically vibrant community facing a range of significant issues. From healthcare and education to labor rights, infrastructure, veterans’ support, and women’s rights, these concerns are integral to the wellbeing and progress of our district. Addressing them not only benefits District 126 but also contributes to the broader narrative of growth and democracy in Texas.


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