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Gun Violence, Safety, and Reform: Our Commitment to a Safer Future A Balanced Approach to a National Challenge


In our nation, the right to bear arms is constitutionally enshrined, and we respect the tradition of responsible gun ownership that is part of many Americans’ lives. However, with this right comes a responsibility to ensure our communities are safe.


My campaign is dedicated to advancing solutions that respect individual rights while addressing the urgent need to reduce gun violence. Our Key Initiatives: 1. Enhanced Background Checks: I advocate for comprehensive background checks for all firearm purchases. This includes closing loopholes in existing laws to ensure that background checks are thorough and effective, preventing guns from falling into the wrong hands. 2. Support for Mental Health Services: Recognizing the link between mental health and gun violence, I propose increased funding for mental health services. This includes community-based interventions and support for individuals showing signs of distress, to prevent violence before it occurs. 3. Safe Storage Laws: I support legislation that encourages safe storage of firearms. By ensuring guns are securely stored, we can prevent accidental shootings, particularly among children, and reduce the risk of firearms being stolen and used in crimes. 4. Ban on High-Capacity Magazines:I propose a ban on high-capacity magazines, which have been used in many mass shootings. Limiting magazine capacity can reduce the lethality of mass shootings and give victims and law enforcement more opportunities to intervene. 5. Red Flag Laws: I endorse the implementation of red flag laws that allow courts to temporarily remove firearms from individuals deemed to be a risk to themselves or others. This measure can be crucial in preventing both mass shootings and suicides. 6. Community Engagement and Education: I believe in the power of community-led initiatives to reduce gun violence. I support funding for programs that educate on gun safety, conflict resolution, and provide alternatives to violence in our communities. 7. Research on Gun Violence: To inform policy, we all need solid data. I advocate for lifting restrictions on government-funded research into gun violence, enabling us to craft more effective solutions based on evidence.

As a Survivor of gun violence I stand firm on my advocacy! As someone who has lost very close military brothers to suicide as well as chemo friends to suicide, all while they were experiencing mental health crisis and committed suicide with their own weapons, I stand form on my advocacy! As someone who has had a neighbor lose her child to accidental shooting with a weapon which was not stored safely, I stand firm on my advocacy! We need changes and legislative changes NOW so lives are saved and I vow to take action.


A Call for Unity and Action Gun violence affects all of us, regardless of political affiliation. I call on leaders and communities across the nation to join us in this balanced approach, driven by the shared goal of a safer, more secure society.


Together, we can respect constitutional rights while taking decisive action to reduce gun violence and save lives.

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